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Who doesn’t love a fun filled carnival?

Our most recent birthday kids certainly do!

We just threw a fabulous 1st birthday party for 2 twins .

The event was fun for children and grown ups of all ages.


This past Saturday we planned a fabulous Marie Antoinette inspired 1st birthday party in Southampton, NY for 48 children and 65 adults.  It was quite a feat, but the party was beautiful.  We didn’t go to Versailles, but we transformed the birthday girl’s backyard into a mini party oasis.

If you missed the Ultimate Children’s Birthday Party on Best Night in, look no further! We have a clip to share with you with Linda Kaye and Pastry Chef Sara Pereira on how to decorate and bake some of the delicious treats on Linda Kaye’s Bake-a-Cake Party Book.


We continue to love your ideas that you share with us of your successful parties, here is another party by our Partymaker and Pastry Chef Sara Pereira for her birthday! This just goes to show you don’t have to be a child to have a fabulous birthday party! Here is her story:


Our partnership with the American Museum of Natural History gives us the ability to bring to you the most creative and entertaining birthday parties for your children. You may be aware of our Safari Adventure, Cosmic Blast Off, Dinosaur Discoveries and Underwater Treasure parties but what do these parties actually entail? Well, we just threw a fabulous birthday party for a 4 year-old this past weekend, with the underwater treasure theme. Here is a party helper’s story:

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