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What does it take to host a Birthday Party your child will remember for years to come? Hire Justin Bieber to sing Happy Birthday? Spend the day doing flips and jumps at a trapeze school? Or fill each goodie bag with an I Touch phone?

If you’ve been fretting along these lines, breathe a sigh of relief and think again. Regardless of what gifts and activities are hitting the top birthday party chart of the week, there’s one concept that reigns supreme, and that’s designing a birthday party centered on the age and interests of your child.

marcyParty ideas do not have to be complicated or expensive. Sometimes the simplest idea is the most successful which is actually how I started my business. I made Baking the Cake the party itself for my daughter Marcy’s 6th birthday and this was the concept behind the formation of my company, Birthdaybakers Partymakers. 

The mission of since it’s inception in 1996, has been to share with you all the party tips, products and unique ideas that have come out of the thousands of parties we have organized since the founding of the company in 1976. Over the years we have served as the birthday party designer and planner for several NYC landmark locations such as the American Museum of Natural History, Central Park Zoo, NYC Police Museum, and Big Apple Circus.

With the accessibility of the Internet, party planning has never been easier. is designed to be your behind the scenes professional party planner supplying all the tools and tips you will need to make the most memorable party.

We feature over 40 Birthday Party Themes with coordinated paper goods, favors, and invitations. It’s all right here at your fingertips!

Make the birthday party planning process more fun and include your child in the decision-making. Browse through our gallery of photos and birthday party themes and see which ideas they love and would like to replicate.

For Corporate

What does it take to plan a party for 10,000 guests? Many of the same elements for children’s parties but with a much larger head count. As the event planner for Mike Bloombergs’ corporate events for over 18 years, many opportunities arose to source out the best and most unusual entertainment for corporate family picnics, holiday parties and award dinners. features the great diversity of entertainers and services that we work with and have provided over the years to our corporate clients.

Our services range from event set design, to private chefs, to magicians all the way to interactive robots! Take a look at our entertainment section to browse through our entertainers.

Our blog, THE PARTY TIMES is our party diary, keeping you tuned in to all the day to day happenings at Partymakers. The archives are filled with party and entertainment ideas and feature our latest insights and finds.