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Party Favors

Space Themed Party Favors

5″ Pull Back Space Shuttle

Each 5″ die-cast shuttle has pull-back action and realistic detailing.


Anagram Star Balloons

Have stars fly across your child’s party for added fun.


Astronaut Ice Cream

Treat your guests to some space food with these packs of Astronaut Ice Cream. Make them feel like real Astronauts.


Cosmic Space Toob

This toob has a rolling globe on the top and 14 cosmic figurines inside! Play all day with astronauts, space ships and more! Look for the fun facts on the side of the tube.


Custom Printed Invitations

Start your party enthusiasm early with custom themed invitations. These fun and cheerful invitations are great for a child’s birthday. party or event. Any theme available. Photo options  available too for additional cost. Invitations are shipped to client, not to guests.

$50/1 doz  (includes shipping)

Custom Space-Themed Cakes

Surprise your child with a custom themed cake creation for his/her birthday. Irresistible treats that will leave every child asking for seconds!

$Price Varies

Globe Ball

The world bounces before you when you drop these buncy globes on the floor.


Glow in the Dark Stars

Watch your little ones go to sleep as they stare at their very own constellations. Expose stars to light for a few minutes, turn off lights and watch them glow again and again. The Glowing Imaginations stars maintain light much longer compared to similar products on the market.


Gravity Goo Science Kit

Liquids can’t flow uphill, can they? With this amazing kit, you’ll mix up your own batch of gravity-defying goo that flows uphill as it “self-siphons” from one cup to another! Use the fizzing color tablets to make the “goo” in all kinds of colors.


Create slimy, gooey worms—instantly! The moment the worm goo is added to the activator solution, worms magically appear. You can make fat worms, skinny worms, short worms, long worms, straight worms, zigzag worms, worm eggs, color-changing worms, or even a worm ring or bracelet.

Light Up Space Planetarium

Build a mini night sky planetarium, flashlight projector and a cool night light. Set includes preprinted northern and southern hemispheres and blank projection disks.


Living Putty Science Kit

It’s ALIVE! Become a snake charmer as you discover the mystery and magic of magnets with this cool putty.

Outer Space Explorer Kit

Embark on your adventure into a Martian World with the Outer Space Explorer Set. This amazingly complete set contains 6 different polymers that are so astounding that you will think they are from another planet.

Rocket Ship Centerpiece

This rocket ship centerpiece will be the talking point with your space cadets for weeks and weeks. It comes complete with astronauts and two rotating UFO’s balanced on the nose of the rocket. Made from thick card so it can be used again and again.


Solar System Planetarium Model

Build your own glow in the dark solar system planetarium model of 11 3/4″ span. Assemble, paint and highlight it with glow effects. Watch it glow in the dark as if space. It’s an inspiring science craft kit.

Space Mission Helmet

A light collapsible plastic space helmet for little astronauts on a very important mission.
Collapses in half for easy storage.


Space Paper Goods

Paper plates, cups, napkins, table covers, blow outs and more. Take your party to outer space with these themed paper goods.

$ Price varies by item

Space Picture Projector

Projects space themes on the wall for tracing, story-telling and nighttime fun! Includes projector light and 2 space themed domes. 2 “AA” batteries required.


Space Related Books

A variety of space related books for different age levels. Packed with scientific facts about the solar system, comets, the Big Bang theory, telescopes, space exploration and much, much more. Diagrams and amusing illustrations help make complex ideas easy and fun.

$6.95- 16.95

Star Wars Favor Tote

The large recycled totes are earth-friendly (made of 25% recycled materials), strong and water resistant. Great alternative to a traditional favor bag.  Size: 14 x 4 x 15


Star Wars Large Tin Tote

The square tin tote is great for storing and toting supplies, favors and treats . Sturdy molded plastic handle and metal latch closure. Dimensions: 9.00″ x 3.50″ x 7.50″


Star Wars Light saber M&M Dispenser

The power of the Force flows from these galactic candy battle weapons!

Light saber Length: 9 1/2 Inches

$12.00/ each

Star Wars Pez Dispenser

This assortment of 12 Star Wars Clone Wars PEZ dispensers is a collector’s paradise! Each dispenser is individually wrapped with 2 PEZ candy refill cartridges.
Sold in packs of 12

Star Wars Travel Cup

These super cool double wall acrylic travel cups come with a straw and are BPA free. They are perfect for hydrating on the go, and the double wall keeps drinks cold!


Star Wars Travel Mug

Don’t leave the house with your little one’s favorite beverage! Double wall plastic travel mug is lightweight with secure snap on lid. Double wall keeps drinks hot!


Star Wars Water Bottle

Don’t let your little ones go thirsty, not even during a super fun party. Equip them all with these reusable water bottles. Featuring a flip-top design, water bottles are eco-friendly, non-toxic, reusable and recyclable.