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Bowling Party

Bowling Deluxe Party Pack

Let everyone know that they have been challenged to a bowling game with this cool invitation.

Birthday party invitation, Bowling

Birthday Child’s Starring Role

Bowling will be a team effort at this party and each side will need an enthusiastic leader. So if your child will enjoy naming and motivating one of the groups, elect them team captain.

Party Settings

Reserve a few lanes at your local bowling alley. Make sure to inquire about services the lanes offer for special occasions. You wouldn’t want another group interfering with your party.

If the alley allows, hang up a birthday banner to make the scene more festive.


Party Fun & Games

The main activity of the day can be an Championship bowling event complete with teams of different countries and on camera interviews with the players.

Party Leader

A bowling instructor adds expertise and enthusiasm to the event. You can also hire a clown or magician to entertain between turns, if the bowling alley permits.

Party Tunes

The bowling alley will probably have some music playing throughout the lanes, if not you can bring a player of your own if the alley allows.

Party Refreshments

Check with the bowling alley to see if food is included with your party reservation. If not, bring snack foods like popcorn, chips and finger sandwiches. Refreshments will be very welcomed between turns also, especially when served in these Bowling Pin Bottles.


Bring a Cake in the shape of a bowling pin and top with these cute candles.

Bowling Set Candles

Party Finale


For the grand finale, hold an awards ceremony in which each “country” wins an award. Consider silly titles like “craziest bowl” or “best gutter ball”. Then have a viewing of the day’s events on video.

Birthday Presents & Favors

Hand out trophies as both awards and as party favors. Another idea is to find small plastic bowling pins and decorate them with each guest’s name.

Sports Fan Place Card Holder

Bowling Favor Set

Bowling Pin Pen

Party Tips

For younger children, find out if bumper bowling is available. With the gutters filled, children will have a much more successful experience bowling. And for older children, look into glow-in-the-dark bowling, where only the pins are lit.