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Alphabet Party

Sesame Street Birthday Box

Alphabet Party

Birthday Child’s Starring Role

Design a festive shirt for your child to wear on their special day with the letter that coincides with their first name. Name this letter, “letter of the day.”

Party Settings

The alphabet and your child’s special day can be celebrated anywhere and in anyway. It may be helpful to choose a place with room for arms to swing out when B for butterfly is learned and where “Head and Shoulders” can be sung when H is taught.

Decorate the room or cake table with Alphabet Blocks by spelling out the birthday child’s name, or other easy words.

Party Fun & Games

Toddlers will love spending time working on their alphabet with an activity corresponding with each letter. For example: F is for funny,  so now we will spend time telling a few jokes; K is for kiss so now lets blow the birthday child a kiss; Q is for quiet. Even go as far as showing a few Sesame Street video clips during the party.

Party Leader

Find someone who can sing, dance and show lots of enthusiasm for the alphabet to host this special day. Suggest they come dressed as their favorite letter.

Party Tunes

Dig up an old alphabet record. Or put together a tape of songs that correspond with each letter.

Party Menu


Serve Alphabits Cereal and Alphabet pasta for your little ones.

Serve alphabet cookies or letter shaped cookies and make sure to have enough letters for each child’s initial.


Use letter blocks to add color to the food table.

Party Finale

Video each child singing a portion of the “Alphabet Song” and play the tape back during refreshments. Kids love seeing and hearing themselves on TV. Parents will love it too!

Birthday Presents & Favors

For party favors, hand out a Magnetic Wooden Alphabet Toy for hours of fun and learing. Or Baby Nursery Peel & Stick Wall Art Stickers


Party Tips

Really celebrate each letter by pointing out whose name begins with it. If there is no one present whose name corresponds with the given letter, think of a popular TV character or cartoon to use as an example.