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Construction Party

Construction Party Birthday Box

Birthday Child’s Starring Role

With a yellow construction hat, a tool belt and a whistle, your child will enjoy being the contractor in charge of all the little workers

Party Settings

Place an orange and white barrier with construction zone Tape outside your front door. Build your own temporary scaffolding above the front doorway entry. Hang signs reading “Danger: Construction Zone !”  Or use Caution Tape . And hand out Construction Hats and Construction Worker Vests for all your little builders.

You can start the party decorating before the party too, these great personalized invitations really get the guests into the construction mood prior to the party!construction

Party Fun & Games

Have a Lego Building Contest. Come up with categories so everyone wins – tallest, biggest, most creative, etc. Give each guest the same number of blocks.

Build a card house. Each guest can take a turn adding a card to the structure.

Party Tunes

The radio is on the floor playing the birthday child’s favorite station!

Party Refreshments

Pizza and Fruit Punch Flavored Gatorade should satisfy the hunger and thirst of these busy construction workers! Serve drinks in a cool Construction Cone Cup (1).

Construction Cone Cup (1)

For dessert, you can serve delicious dirt. Bake lots of Brownies (the dirt) and place them on a CLEAN shovel, in a pail. Use these ‘handy’ candles to sing Happy Birthday to.

Bucket and Shovel

Birthday Presents & Favors


After the whistle blows, the children will enjoy leaving with their very own mini tool boxes to help around the home.

Tool Gummy

Tool Candles

Party Tips

Make sure there are no nails, sharp objects or dangerous tools accessible to the children!