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Fire Truck Party

Firefighter Birthday Set

If you can take your party to a fire hall, or a fire museum, great, but if not, no worries, we have all the tips you need to create your party room into a real Fire Department.



Your party guests know what a fireman is, but they don’t know what it takes to become one or what it is that they do on a day to day basis, so hiring a fireman impersonator could be very entertaining and educational for your guests. Ask the entertainer to do drills and a mini training session with the children so that they feel that they too can become firefighters. Give them personalized jackets and hats when they ‘graduate’ from their fireman training program.


Hot and spicy is too much for young children’s mouths, but we can achieve the same ‘fiery’ effect by giving them orange-red foods. Fish sticks with ketchup, pizza with tomato sauce, and make sure to drink milk, it’s the firemans’ drink of choice.


Games and Activities

If you decide to not hire an entertainer to keep kids busy, set up your own obstacle course in a safe location (away from stairs, sharp corners, etc). Have children kids go through hula hoops, on top of pillows, under chairs, etc. If you have a large outdoor area, do relay races and tell the children they are training to become firemen.



Decorate the room with red and yellow balloons and streamers.  The paper good party set above  is perfect for this party theme, there is no doubt that there are firemen at lunch here! 

And this little lunchbox can be used to hold their lunches and as a keepsake for when they go home.


These Fire Hydrant Cups are another great way to get the kids to stay hydrated. We also love the personalized touch that you can add to your table and food items with these food labels.


Party Favors


By having all the personalized gear (hats and jacket) and food items (lunchbox, cup, candies) the children will walk away with an entire fireman kit which they can then use at home.

Birthday Child’s Starring Role

Make your child the hero of his own birthday by placing a firefighter’s helmet on his head and promoting him to Fire Chief.

Party Settings

Contact out your local firehouse to arrange a tour or orchestrate a fire engine’s visit to your home. If your community doesn’t offer this service, call a nearby amusement center to rent an old-fashioned truck to pay a visit to your home.

Party Fun & Games

As each party guest arrives, present him with his own Jr. Fire Chief Helmet . Divide children into two teams for an Emergency Drill. In this game, each team receives a yellow firefighter’s jacket and boots.

Pinatas are always fun, but if your guests are too young to be swinging around a bat (which we never recommend) use a string pinata instead that allows guests to pull on the strings to open the pinata.

Firetruck Pinata

Party Leader

A neighborhood firefighter might enjoy making a guest appearance, especially if you offer him a piece of birthday cake. Keep in mind that if an emergency arises, though, your special guest might have to leave on short notice.

Party Tunes

Kindle your child’s excitement weeks before the party by creating your very own mix of fiery songs. Look out for James Taylor’s ‘Fire and Rain’, Bruce Springteen’s ‘I’m on Fire’, Erasure’s ‘World’s on Fire’ or Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’.

Birthday Presents & Favors

Each child’s fire helmet will provide hours of pretend play long after the party simmers down. Here are a few other options.

Firefighter Sticker Book

Decorate Your Own Vehicle Magnets Party Favor

Doggie Bag Stuffed Animal Favors

Fire Extinguisher Bottle

Party Tips

Every birthday party should be a blast, but take this opportunity to make learning about fire safety fun!