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Mickey Mouse Party

Mickey Party Box

Birthday Child’s Starring Role

The Birthday child can be the leader of the Mickey Mouse Pack. Each guest is a Mouseketeer! Don’t forget the Mickey Mouse Ears . Personalize them with each child’s name with markers and allow them to wear it throughout the party and on their way home.

Party Settings

If you can rent a room at a Disney store that’s perfect, but if not you can create the Disney atmosphere at home.

Use Mickey’s signature colors to decorate your party room, black red and white. Have lots of balloons and streamers to add color.

Decorate your party table with a centerpiece made from a big block of swiss cheese with a Mickey Mouse toy sitting on top of the cheese holding a dozen balloons. Decorate your walls with Mickey posters or a wall decal.


Disney Mickey Mouse Chalkboard Peel and Stick Wall Decals


Disney Mickey Mouse Giant Wall Decal

Party Entertainment

Hire a costumed character to attend your party. It would have to be Mickey of course, or make Mickey and Minnie do a guest appearance. Make sure to have a camera handy and take lot’s of pictures, the kids will love this feature without the long waiting lines from Disney World.

Party Fun & Games

Sing songs, read Mickey stories, and have some hands on activity. Have the children color their own mickey mouse shaped cookies with edible paint markers.

Party Menu

Use a cookie cutter to cut sandwiches and pizza in the shape of Mickey’s head and ears. Serve an assortment of cheeses, a mouse’s favorite treat.

Use this beautiful edible fruit arrangement as your centerpiece and as a healthy snack.


Use this great cake topper to add character to your cake.

Disney Mickey & Pluto Cake Topper

Disney Mickey & Pluto Cake Topper

Party Tunes

The Disney Classics CD or the soundtrack from Fantasia.

Birthday Presents & Favors

There are a lot of Disney stores around large city areas, and even online. Find trinket toys that you can put in a favor bag, just make sure they are age appropriate. Figurines, pens, stickers, mini stuffed Mickeys, you name it! In our case, we love the Disney Mickey Fun and Friends Party Favor Value Pack  and Disney Mickey Fun and Friends Party Favor Box, they are a no work required duo.

Disney Mickey Fun and Friends Party Favor Value Pack

Disney Mickey Fun and Friends Party Favor Box

This set of 4 Kaleidoscopes is also great to add to a make your own goody bag.

Disney Mickey Kaleidoscopes (4)

Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sticker Play Book (1)

Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sticker Play Book (1)

Party Extras:

Minnie Dinner Plates