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Let’s Go Camping Deluxe Party Pack

What fun it is to spend a weekend away in the middle of nature, sleeping in a tent and cooking food over an open fire just like the cavemen. Many children love this feeling of self sufficiency and freedom that comes with camping so why not turn that excitement into a birthday party? You don’t have to go away necessarily to have a successful camp out party, all you need is an outdoor area that is wide enough and safe for a pack of children.

Party Settings
Choose an outdoor setting like a park, or even your backyard  for this adventurous party. Set up a portable grill so that your food can be served warm and the kids can watch as the flames turn that raw meat into something delectable and irresistible.

If your party location is a little more adventurous than your back yard, have a first aid kit as well as a snake bite kit handy, just in case! Spray all your guests with non deet bug repellent and sunscreen as soon as they arrive. As much as we all like lobsters, we don’t want our kids to look like them at the end of the day. Stock up on Let’s Go Camping Deluxe Party Pack

Read ghost stories, roast marshmallows, make s’mores, make an obstacle course, have a scavenger hunt, and teach kids the essentials of surviving out in the wild. If you know any fancy knot tricks, give the kids a piece of rope and let them practice. They will be so excited to show their parents their newly learned handy trick.
Kids can be really entertained by the outdoors, especially when they are so used to a virtual world. Do a mini expedition and analyze different leaves, trees, rocks, and any other curious and interesting things you see outdoors.

Tip: Use this s’more kit for s’mores and roasting marshmallows if you want to keep your kids away from a larger fire.


Party Menu
Ants on a log, grilled hot dogs, burgers, gummy worms and s’mores what more could a camper ask for?
Set out a buffet of toppings and fixings for your hot dogs and hamburgers. Challenge the guests to make the most creative and delicious combo. Award your little chefs with awards such as best tasting, wackiest combo, stickiest, etc..
Keep your little campers hydrated with some icy cold lemonade and juice.

Party Favors

Use a brown paper bag with the guests’ name stamped on it for a favor bag. Pack all the camping essentials a mini lantern, whistle, and the favorite a S’more kit: hershey’s chocolate bar, graham crackers, marshmallows.


Or how about a book on insects?

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