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Age characteristics

Toddlers like being the center of attention! They enjoy other children but may have difficulty interacting with each other while they play. They also love to feel they have accomplished something such as memorizing words to a song or placing that last block on top of the ABC tower.

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Guest list

Toddlers  enjoy being with other children. If your child is in a play group, invite the children in the group. Or invite the children of your family, friends, and neighbors. Keep in mind that they may get afraid when the adult accompanying is not present so account for a few extra adults.

Length of party

1- 1 ½ Hours

Entertainment for age

Children at this age tire easily so try to keep the party simple and flexible so that you can keep their attention. They are beginning to learn about themselves and the world around them.  They enjoy singing, dancing, finger and copying games.

Toddlers sometimes get confused with what is real and pretend, therefore entertainers such as clowns and make-believe characters are great to amuse them.


Keep games short and simple.

Follow the Leader

Sit in a circle and play finger games such as :

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

This Little Piggy

Pat-a Cake, Pat-a-Cake

Safety for age

Childproof your home, covering sockets and closing off bedroom doors, exit and entry ways so that children don’t wander. Avoid foods and items that are choking hazards, such as broken balloons, small party favors, hard candles, hot dogs and popcorn.

Fairy Party

Fairy Party Birthday Box

At some point or another, your little girl might become obsessed with the enchanted little fairies and want to dress up like one, act like one, and celebrate like one.

Party Settings
Choose an enchanting location for your party. An outdoor area, a back yard or garden work very nicely. If you are restricted to the indoors, you can easily transform your living room into an enchanted magical forest. Use pastel colored tulle fabrics to drape your living room walls. Ruffle them and attach them high on the wall to give the illusion of a tree.


Attach fairy and butterfly wings to walls or hang them from the ceiling at different heights, use this butterfly mobile to make it super easy. Use large paper flowers and poms to make your little ones feel even more fairy like.



If you don’t mind the messy clean up. Use glitter on all party decorations, especially on the food table. It will add that extra magical sparkle and the guests will love it. 

Use gray construction paper or fabric to create stepping stones leading from the entrance of the party to the main party room/area.

Party Fun & Games

Your guests will want to fly around like little fairies so why not give the guests a pair of wings and a fairy wand as they arrive?

If you want to make the wands part of the party, set up a little station with wooden rods, bright colorful ribbons and fake jewels so that your fairies can personalize their wand however they like. Once they are all equipped, lead the guests through a magical scavenger hunt where they find a beautiful fairy treasure at the end.

Have each fairy decide what she would like to be a fairy of, there are many options: flower fairy, fruit fairy, light fairy, woodland fairy, and then do a mini coronation ceremony where each fairy gets their special fairy badge or flower crown.

Party Entertainment

Hire a dancer to teach your fairies how to move and dance as gracefully as enchanted fairies. Have the entertainer dress as a fairy herself and help lead the children in the scavenger hunt.

You can also hire a face painter to paint all of your fairies’ faces and make them look more magical.

Color Your Own Princess Castle
during the party and have that be a gift for the birthday girl, a work of art created by all her friends!

Party Menu

Fairies eat very pure and natural foods so treat your little fairies to some fresh berries, granola (no nuts), yogurt, mini sandwiches, mini meringues, and mini cupcakes. Display a cupcake for each of your fairies on these sweet cupcake stands.

cupcake stand

Add an extra sweet tooth with rock candy of different colors. They look like magical rocks but taste much better!

Hang a canopy over your food table to make it more exciting.

Party Tunes

Relaxing and magical tunes such as spa music and water sounds are perfect for creating this magical atmosphere.

Party Favors

Your fairy will need some fairy dust to keep the magic going long after the party is over, pack a little favor back with this magical fairy dust.

fairy dust

Allow the guests to take their fairy wings and wands home as favors. They will truly love to stay in character for as long as possible!

Fairytale Princess Deluxe Favor Set

Personalized Natural Cotton Birthday Favor Bag

Decorate Your Own Princess Wand Party Favor

Decorate Your Own Butterfly Chest Party Favor

Butterfly Shaped Favor Boxes

Party Extras:

Tinkerbell Ultimate Box