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Age characteristics

The 1st birthday child will certainly enjoy all the special attention, but probably won’t understand what the day is really all about. You want your child to be as up and ready for the celebration as possible, so if you can, plan the party after a nap to ensure a smiling non-cranky birthday child.

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Keep games short and simple.

Sit in a circle and play finger games such as :

- The Itsy Bitsy Spider

- This Little Piggy

- Pat-a Cake, Pat-a-Cake

Guest list

The first birthday should be a landmark celebration shared with family, friends, close neighbors, and their children. There is often a wide range of ages, and the party should be planned in a way that appeals to both children of any age, and the adults.

Length of party

1 hour if it is just a few babies and their parents.


Cat in the Hat Party

Dr. Seuss 1st Essential Party Pack Add-On for 8

Birthday Child’s Starring Role

It is not just any day

They must dress in a special way

The birthday child looks like a cat

And gets to wear the tallest hat


Party Settings

The party may be rather soon

At home and in the afternoon

Have lots of balloons - red, white and blue

And don’t forget the Wallies (Dr. Seuss Giant Wall Decals ) too

Inform all guests

Party Fun & Games

It is time for play

It is time for fun

It is time for games

What can be done?

1. Gold Fish Toss: Children toss a stuffed bean bag fish into the fish bowl.

2. The Cat Says (Simon Says)

3. Pin the Hat on the Cat

4. Decorate the topsy turvy cake

Party Leader

Hire a face painter to paint some whiskers and a nose

Party Tunes

The birthday child can have a say

He should, she should have their way

In order not to go wrong

Play the Birthday child’s favorite song

Party Refreshments

You would not, should not serve green food

That would be very, very rude

You should, you could serve pizza and cake

Along with whatever else you make

Punch is a great choice for a drink

As is an orange golden fish.


Party Finale

The handsomest cats in town show off their style

As they parade along the cat walk for a little while

Birthday Presents & Favors

Hats; Dr. Suess book ; Cat in the Hat toy, in a nice little loot

Make sure all children have a grin

Make sure all children always win

When the party is over at the end of the day

Somebody has to clean it all away

Somebody, somebody has to, you see

Pick out two somebodies who volunteer for free

Party Extras:

Dr. Seuss Personalized Dinner Plates (8)

Dr. Seuss Personalized Dinner Plates (8)