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Age characteristics

The 1st birthday child will certainly enjoy all the special attention, but probably won’t understand what the day is really all about. You want your child to be as up and ready for the celebration as possible, so if you can, plan the party after a nap to ensure a smiling non-cranky birthday child.

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Keep games short and simple.

Sit in a circle and play finger games such as :

- The Itsy Bitsy Spider

- This Little Piggy

- Pat-a Cake, Pat-a-Cake

Guest list

The first birthday should be a landmark celebration shared with family, friends, close neighbors, and their children. There is often a wide range of ages, and the party should be planned in a way that appeals to both children of any age, and the adults.

Length of party

1 hour if it is just a few babies and their parents.


Sesame Street Party

Sesame Street Birthday Box

Birthday Child’s Starring Role

Allow your child to be the head puppeteer for this special day. They can be in charge of selecting the storylines and have first choice on the puppet they would like to bring to life. Many little ones will like puppets and want to touch them as they go around the room. Just be ready for those little hands!

Sesame Friends Personalized Invitation

Party Settings

Your home will be a puppet’s paradise with the right props and sound effects. If it is a nice summer day, construct a puppet stage and enjoy an outdoor gathering. Also set the scene with life size wall stick-ons of sesame street characters.


Party Fun & Games

The gist of this party is for the children to have fun animating their puppets while following a storyline. We suggest choosing familiar stories with a Sesame Street twist. For example, “Cookie Monster and the Three Bears.”

Party Leader

If you can find someone with puppet experience, take advantage of their expertise. Otherwise, hire an actor or entertainer who has strong leadership skills.

Party Tunes

This is your child’s opportunity to be challenged with the task of selecting music that correlates with each storyline. Take them to the library and rummage through tapes and CDs until you find the perfect selections. Sesame Street shows also have an assortment of great music. Download some clips or get ideas from the show.

Party Finale

As the grand finale, bring each party guest forward and reintroduce their puppet to the audience. Add your own loud cheers and standing ovations to create the most festive environment possible.

Birthday Presents & Favors

Again, make certain that everyone has a puppet that they can love not only on this special occasion, but for a long time to come. Try to have a variety of choices to suit everyone’s tastes. And speaking of tastes, how about a tasty sesame treat? Any cookie decorator can make these simple cookies as treats.


Download party printables for some festive DIY decor.


And these great stuffed animals are a fabulous favor to cuddle home with. You can get them at many toy stores or at the Sesame Place Online Store.

Cookie Monster Plush Animal

Elmo Plush Animal

Big Bird Plush Animal

Make your own Sesame Street Favor bags using this template.

Party Extras:

Sesame Street 1st Birthday Box

Sesame Street 1st - Centerpiece

Sesame Street 1st Birthday Highchair Kit

Sesame Street 1st Birthday Banner

Sesame Street Whistles

Sesame Street 1st Birthday Bib