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Age characteristics

After 9 years of going to birthday parties and having hosted them, children know exactly what they want at this point, so consult with your child about what party theme they would like and what they would like to do. As they get older, they begin to feel very grown up about parties. They like to show off and compete and have a desire to win in games that involve active participation.

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Guest list

Invite schoolmates and friends. Some children prefer to only have children of their own sex at their party. Since as they get older, children typically tend to have one intimate group of friends, the guest list might not even be that large. And parents need not be at the party.

Length of party

2 -2 ½ hours


Entertainment for age

Girly things such as spa, manicure, dress-up for girls parties are great since the girls love to feel grown up at this age. You don’t even have to hire a professional, buy a couple of nail polishes, mud masks, and clean out your closet full of old clothes you don’t even wear and tell them it’s vintage clothing. They’ll have a blast trying things on!


For boy parties, physical activities, including attending a sporting event with friends are great. Create your own little league in the back yard, or make dad take the boys to a basketball game.


Good music, fun pickup foods and a DJ Emcee helps to insure the success of a party at this age. Dance games with lots of prizes help to keep the dance floor filled. A strolling entertainer, such as a sleight of hand magician, works well to entertain those kids that shy away from the dance floor.


Games & Activities

Relay Races

Scavenger Hunt Relay Races

Sack Race

Lip Sinc Contest



Safety for age

Make sure to have all the phone numbers of the guests’ parents.

Halloween Party

Halloween Paper Goods


Halloween Invitations

Conjure up a guest list of little ghosts and goblins. Invite your child’s friends to come dressed in their favorite Halloween costumes. 


Party Setting

Create a spooky spectacular from the moment the party begins! Play a sound track of creepy tunes to greet guests as they arrive. A sign that reads “Enter at your own risk” beckons the party guests into the party room. 

Mix and match paper goods create a kitschy table scape. Use black licorice tied around rolled napkins for an extra treat, place a baby pumpkin at each child’s place and scatter candy corn across the table for edible confetti! Also be sure to have a big bowl of assorted candy ready for trick-or-treaters!




The best part of planning any Halloween bash is choosing the perfect costume. Choose from this years most popular movie characters or go with a spooky classic! There’s something for everyone in the family.


A face painter can enhance already costumed guests by giving them a full transformation! A magician or mentalist will perform mind boggling feats of mystery wowing the crowd!



Send your guests home with personalized favors for something more unique than the generic candy bag. We love these personalized candy wrappers and tote bags. Young party guests can use the totes for years of trick-or-treating to come!