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Adult parties can be as fun or as formal as you want. Depending on the crowd you might want a super fun childish event with all the works, magicians, face painters, games, etc. If your crowd is a little more reserved, an event with less pomp and circumstance may be a better option. Find the party that is ideal for your group and either go all out with decor and activities, or keep it to a minimum with just a slight hint of a theme. What matters is that you and your guests have a good time!

Oscar Party

Hollywood Deluxe Party Pack 

The Oscars don’t have to come only once a year! This is a timeless party that happens every year in many households, but turning it into a birthday party can be just as fun as watching it on a television.


A comedian impersonating famous people can always be entertaining, especially for an adult audience. They can give your guests a great laugh and in a much more intimate setting than if they were at a comedy club. Talk to your comedian before the party and have him incorporate a couple of funny and harmless jokes about the guests in the audience.

Or how about a Celebrity Murder Mystery game? This kit includes everything you need to throw the most scandalous murder Mystery Party.


Celebrity food is a given in this party setting. Opt for lots of finger food as opposed to a full sit down meal. This will allow the guests to mingle as celebrities do, and have lots of champagne and wine on hand. You want your guests to feel like they are at an Oscar after party.

Games and Activities

Have fun with your guests by asking them to come dressed up as a famous movie character and then cast an anonymous ballot for the best costumed person. At the end of the party have the person with the most votes win the Oscar award and give a very funny speech in honor of  the birthday guest.

Award Statue

Award winning movie charades are a fun and inexpensive way to have the guests entertain themselves during the party. Make sure to take lots of paparazzi photos!


Royal red, gold and silver should be your colors of choice. A red carpet on your entryway will make a great first impression. We love the Hollywood Party Pack featured above for this party. Very chic and will make your guests feel star struck.  Add in this Paparazzi Mob Prop right by the door for some extra giggles. 

Hollywood Paparazzi Props Insta-Theme

Mingle with the stars with Hollywood icon cut outs.

Humphrey Bogart Cutout

Marilyn Monroe Cutout

Click here for more STANDUPS! There is a large selection of photo-realistic life-size cutouts of all your favorite personalities.

Party Favors

Give your guests copies of the photos you took during the party. They are a great keepsake and quite a laugh.

Or how about these adorable cookies? They will make your guests feel as famous as the stars!

Customized Cartoon Cookies

If you want more Hollywood Props for your party, take a look here for everything Hollywood.