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Adult parties can be as fun or as formal as you want. Depending on the crowd you might want a super fun childish event with all the works, magicians, face painters, games, etc. If your crowd is a little more reserved, an event with less pomp and circumstance may be a better option. Find the party that is ideal for your group and either go all out with decor and activities, or keep it to a minimum with just a slight hint of a theme. What matters is that you and your guests have a good time!

Hockey Themed Party

Hockey Party Goods

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Party Settings

You can take your child’s party to a hockey arena where they will be fully immersed in the sport, irregardless of the team, or you can create a themed party at home.

If you are throwing a party for a super fan, chances are you will have a lot of your decorating needs in your child’s bedroom, pucks, trading cards, posters, figurines, you name it!
If you don’t have all of these items on hand, no worries, you can still get a few items from your child’s favorite team online. Such as

Try to work on a color scheme that matches your child’s favorite theme. You can buy your child’s favorite team’s paper goods, or to keep it team neutral you can also buy solid colors that match the teams’. Mix and match, have some plates one color, others another, the same for napkins, cups, etc..

Use trading cards with labels on them so guests know what they are eating. It serves two purposes, decoration and informing guests.

Cover commercial wrapping with your team’s colors and so it doesn’t distract from the overall theme of your party.

Use banners and balloons around the room. Balloons are great because they are inexpensive and immediately scream ‘party.’
Invite guests to wear their favorite hockey jersey to the party. It will make a great group photo and make guests feel like they are at a hockey game.

Worried about what to serve at a Hockey party? This one is easy, any thing that is sold at a concession stand, which is typically pizza, hot dogs, nachos, candy. All very easy to prepare for your party. (sigh of relief)

Serve chocolate sandwich cookies and call them hockey pucks.

Get a themed cake with your child’s name on it. And if you are contemplating another dessert how about some Ice Cream. Not only is ice cream served at hockey games but it also keeps with the chilly theme.

Be sure to have plenty of snacks on hand, that’s what they do at hockey games!

Party Fun & Games
If your party happens to be on a hockey day where the guests can watch the game on tv, have that ready to go. If they are super fans, they will not want to miss the game.

For younger children who get bored through a hockey game, have them do an array of activities. Set up a mini hockey tournament in your back yard. Try using broomsticks or mini golf puts and a tennis ball if you don’t have hockey sticks. Have an adult be the referee to supervise children at all times and give prizes to all the kids for all sorts of categories such as best defense, best silly fall, best goal, etc...

 For the super hockey savvy kids, have a trivia of hockey ready to go. The kids will enjoy the competitiveness of the game while still learning more about the sport. Get some ideas here.

Party Leader
If you can hold your party at an ice hockey arena try to ask if a local hockey instructor could spend some time with the party guests and teach them a few tricks and tips. The kids will really learn something and feel very proud of their new accomplishments at the end of the day!

Party Favors
Super fans will enjoy their team’s paraphernalia. Anything from hats to hockey pucks. You can buy them at your team’s gift store or online at the NHL Store
If you would like to keep the favors team neutral, then a hockey puck and hockey book are a good combination.

This party can be transformed for any theme specific party. Just find the items and colors you need to transform it into your own team.