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Age characteristics

Children at this age relate well to other children and are very enthusiastic. They understand the idea of a birthday party, and can anticipate it months in advance. They tend to latch on to their closest friends so make sure to invite them. Kids at this age also tend to like helping with the planning so give them the opportunity to help throw their favorite birthday party.

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Guest list

Many children at this age are in school or pre-school so your guest list can be made up of your child’s schoolmates. Although many children are in school and used to being away from their parents, some children may need to be accompanied by an adult.

Length of party

1-1 1/2 hours

Entertainment for age

This age group has short attention spans, so the entertainment program for the party should consist of a few different activities- around five. A mixture of hands-on and learning is always a great combo. Children at this age can participate in the Bake-a-Cake party, our best selling party.




Simon Says

Bean Bag Toss

Musical Chairs


Candy hunt

Relay Races

Shoe Mix Up

Wheelbarrow Race

I Spy

Safety for age

Make sure the party area is childproof and have a couple of adults on hand to help keep children together and the party organized.



Jungle/ Safari Party

Lion King Birthday Box

Whether you take your party to the outdoors or keep it inside your home, party guests can still get a safari experience of a lifetime.

Party Setting

In the piles of stuffed animals that your child has, there might already be some hidden party decorations. If there are any plush safari animals, place them around different areas of your house, where you can later take the children through a safari tour. Hang green and brown streamers from your ceiling to give the effect of long tree branches and willow trees. This will make it very fun for the kids to walk through.

If you pass Safari hats or masks out to the kids at the beginning of the party it will really get them into the right jungle spirit.

Monkey Wall Decorations

Safari Hat

Party Tunes

If you can find an animal sound CD to be playing throughout the party that’s perfect, but if you want to go for themed music, consider Dr. Doo Little’s “Talk to the Animals” or the Lion King Soundtrack.

Party Refreshments

Animal Crackers and animal shaped sandwiches are a given. How about some kid friendly jungle juice? Have fun naming the food items after jungle creatures.

Don’t forget to decorate your table with jungle creatures and these adorable placemats.

Decorate Your Own Placemats

Or give it an extra personalized touch with these:

Monkey Party Personalized Activity Mats

Zoo Animal Sipper Cup

Party Finale

For the finale, surprise your child with a cake decorated and shaped like their favorite zoo animal. Then pass out stuffed animals, binoculars, or other zoo related items such as the ones listed on our website.

These items are a great bargain since they come in sets of 8 or 12.

Zoo Animal 3D Puzzles

3D Animal Puzzles
Giraffe Plush Animal (8)
Plush Giraffe

Animal Head Bubbles (12)

Animal Bubbles

Party Extras:

Monkey Cake