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Age characteristics

Children at this age relate well to other children and are very enthusiastic. They understand the idea of a birthday party, and can anticipate it months in advance. They tend to latch on to their closest friends so make sure to invite them. Kids at this age also tend to like helping with the planning so give them the opportunity to help throw their favorite birthday party.

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Guest list

Many children at this age are in school or pre-school so your guest list can be made up of your child’s schoolmates. Although many children are in school and used to being away from their parents, some children may need to be accompanied by an adult.

Length of party

1-1 1/2 hours

Entertainment for age

This age group has short attention spans, so the entertainment program for the party should consist of a few different activities- around five. A mixture of hands-on and learning is always a great combo. Children at this age can participate in the Bake-a-Cake party, our best selling party.




Simon Says

Bean Bag Toss

Musical Chairs


Candy hunt

Relay Races

Shoe Mix Up

Wheelbarrow Race

I Spy

Safety for age

Make sure the party area is childproof and have a couple of adults on hand to help keep children together and the party organized.



Puppy Party

Scooby Doo Birthday Box

Whether your birthday child is loving Scooby Doo on the tv screen or obsessed with his pooch at home, puppy parties are great for any dog lover. Give your party a canine feel with our easy party tips.

Party Settings

Invite the whole gang to be a ‘meddling kid’ at your child’s Scooby-Doo Party, or have them all pick their favorite type of dog from a group of images that you hang around the party space. If you want a scooby Doo party, decorate your home with brown and black balloons and streamers. Hang blown up pictures of Scooby-Doo characters, monsters and ghosts on the walls. Hand out doggy ears or dog ear hats to all the guests so they can feel more K9 for the day.

Party Fun & Games

Shaggy Says (Simon Says)

Pin the tail on the puppy

Musical Monsters (Musical Chairs)

Name that dog (show pictures of different breeds and have the members of two different teams battle out for the dog knowledge award)

Play Scooby-Doo, Where are you? (Hide little stuffed animals or pictures of Scooby-Doo and let the children have a scavenger hunt to find them)

Feed the puppy (variation of bean bag toss)

A Clue from Scooby-Doo: Play a mystery gamewhere the clues will lead you to a special prize. 

Scooby Doo Scavenger Hunt Game

Play dog charades where the kids have to act out words but can only bark and act like dogs.

Party Leader

A costumed character is a great add-on to this party. It’s like being at Disneyland with the costumed characters, but without the long lines! Talk to the entertainer about possible activities he can do with the kids or stories he can tell.

You can also hire a couple of trained dogs to show up at your party. Children love animals and being able to play with them. Just make sure the children are old enough and that none of them are frightened of dogs.

Party Menu

Scooby snacks are not just for dogs! Make your child’s favorite cookie in the shape of a dog bone, using  a bone cookie cutter.

Dog Bone Cookie Cutter

K9 Candy

Serve foods inside large dog bowls. Serve popcorn and call it kibble.

Pawprint Bowls

Pawprint Bowls

Get creative with the names of your foods. Instead of having children sit at a table, let them sit on the floor on large dog cushions. Place paw prints leading your guests from the entrance of your house to the party area. With a sharpie, write down each child’s name on a dog bone and use it as their place marker. You can also use the bones as food labels to indicate what each item on the table is. 

Birthday Presents & Favors

Short of sending kids home with a real puppy, chances are any dog themed toys, books, stuffed animals will be great favors, especially when they are little.

Plush Dog Toy

Scooby Doo Favor Set

Scooby Doo Favor Boxes

Party Extras

Paw Print Cake Pan

Pink Bone Straw

Puppy Party Birthday Box