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Age characteristics

Children at this age relate well to other children and are very enthusiastic. They understand the idea of a birthday party, and can anticipate it months in advance. They tend to latch on to their closest friends so make sure to invite them. Kids at this age also tend to like helping with the planning so give them the opportunity to help throw their favorite birthday party.

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Guest list

Many children at this age are in school or pre-school so your guest list can be made up of your child’s schoolmates. Although many children are in school and used to being away from their parents, some children may need to be accompanied by an adult.

Length of party

1-1 1/2 hours

Entertainment for age

This age group has short attention spans, so the entertainment program for the party should consist of a few different activities- around five. A mixture of hands-on and learning is always a great combo. Children at this age can participate in the Bake-a-Cake party, our best selling party.




Simon Says

Bean Bag Toss

Musical Chairs


Candy hunt

Relay Races

Shoe Mix Up

Wheelbarrow Race

I Spy

Safety for age

Make sure the party area is childproof and have a couple of adults on hand to help keep children together and the party organized.



Knights of the Round Table Party

Knight Party Birthday Box

Birthday Child’s Starring Role

Start off your child’s special day by  knighting him for his valiant efforts to grow a whole year older. If he wants to dress up, this is a great Costume that is comfortable enough for him to wear all day as he defeats his birthday challenges.

Valiant Knight Child Costume - Medium

Party Settings

If there is a medieval restaurant in your city, such as Medieval Times, consider making reservations there. Otherwise, your home is already your castle. Use swaths of richly colored fabrics to cover walls and furniture. Drape some red fabric over your birthday child’s throne.

Send out knight themed Knight Invitations well ahead of time to ensure that all the knights will be present at the round table.


Party Fun & Games


As each guest arrives, present him with a Knight Helmet . This will come in handy during the Excalibur Scavenger Hunt which you can create around your house or back yard. Have the children look for the missing king’s crown by providing a multitude of clues.

Jeweled Crown

Jeweled Crown

Party Leader

Invite a storyteller to weave a wondrous tale of loyalty and valor. Perhaps an older, stately friend can dress as King Arthur and regale partygoers with tales of his round table.

Party Tunes

Explore your local record store for a collection of minstrel music to fit the medieval mood.

Party Refreshments

Serve food fit for a king, or at least an energetic knight. Chicken or Turkey drumsticks, sword shaped bread sticks, a castle shaped cake perhaps, and serve the drinks in these rich Goblets


Party Finale

While guests are devouring the royal feast, ask a grown up friend to help hide chocolate gold coins around the party room. Then announce Robin Hood’s Hunt for Gold and let your good thieves fill their sacks with riches. If your knights are brave enough, maybe they can get their very own knightly Heraldry Tattoos  


Birthday Presents & Favors

Each child can wear home his helmet and carry along his own sack of collected treasures, including chocolate gold coins and jewel hard candy.

Party Tips

Have extra treats on hand to help fill the bags of knights who don’t find as many treasures.