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Age characteristics

Children in this age group are comfortable with rules, taking turns, and playing games, so Physical Activity parties such as a Bowling Party, Martial Arts Party, Gymnastics Party are perfect for this age. They are also developing coordination skills and will be excited to put them to use in games geared towards these skills.

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Guest list

Invite schoolmates and friends.  Just remember that some children at this age prefer to only have children of their own sex at their parties so don’t be alarmed if this is the case.

Length of party

1 1/2 - 2 hours


Entertainment for age

At this age, entertainment that involves hands-on activities such as baking/decorating cakes, sand art, or painting are great. Kids feel a sense of accomplishment, especially when they are at a phase in life where they begin to develop and perfect specific individual skills.



Simon Says

Shoe Mix Up

Wheelbarrow Race

I Spy

Hot, Warm, Cold


Safety for age

Make sure to have all the phone numbers of the guests’ parents.


Science Party

Rainbow Party 

Birthday Child’s Starring Role

This is a day dedicated to your child, so pick a role that suits them. Would they like to come as head scientist? Maybe they are a little older and understand the concept of a “mad scientist.” Your activities will revolve around science and nature.

Send out your invitations well in advance!


Party Settings

Try to arrange for a room or tour at your local science museum or nature center. If you can’t do this, set up science experiments and articles of nature in one room in your home and lead the children on a tour of your own. Pick up a few science kitsfor kids at your local toy store and you may have a party in a few boxes.


Transform your kitchen into a lab by covering surfaces with plastic white table cloths, then set out a variety of glass jars, vases and pitchers, ingredients, and measuring tools for mixing potions.

Party Fun & Games


Accessorize all the kids with safety goggles  and rubber gloves before they begin their fun activities. If you want to take the extra mile, get white lab coats for the guests, or simply cut up large over sized white t-shirts down the front and you have yourself a very nice lab coat.

Incorporate the theme of your day into a scavenger hunt. Provide clues that coordinate with the displays at the science center or the exhibit you’ve arranged at your home.

If you don’t mind the messy route, try some of these easy experiments.

Eruption in a Bottle

1. Pour warm water into a plastic bottle until it’s three-quarters full.

2. Add some drops of food coloring and 1/4 cup of vinegar.

3. With a funnel, quickly add a heaping teaspoon of baking soda. Instantly, the mixture will fizz and overflow from the bottle.

Color Collisions

1. Pour some milk into a bowl.

2. Add a drop of food coloring.

3. Pour a small amount of dishwashing soap into another bowl. Dip a toothpick into the soap, then into the drop of food coloring floating in the milk. The drop of coloring will instantly spread into a ring, repelled by the soap. For another fun experiment, try adding drops of several food colors to a single bowl of milk.

For more fun and easy science experiments to do at home, visit for a laundry list of innexpensive projects that you can do at your party.

Party Leader

Find someone who knows the facts when it comes to science and nature. There should be someone on staff at the center who can help out. Otherwise, enlist a science teacher from your child’s school to lend a hand.

Party Menu

Use Lab equipment to serve your food items and use food coloring to make the colors of food more intense and fun. Empty pixy sticks into clear test tubes. Serve juice or milk inside measuring flasks. Pour pop rocks into the kids drinks just before serving them so that they will start popping. Have kids build their own pizza by giving them a pre-made crust and providing an assortment of ingredients that they can top their pizza with.

Party Tunes

This is an opportunity for your child to really become involved in planning their party. Suggest that they put together a mix of music that will be fun to hear on their day. 

Party Finale

The entire day will revolve around the discovery at the end of the scavenger hunt. Try to incorporate the science theme into the finding. Could the goodies be stashed in the hollow of a tree trunk or in a beaver’s dam (artificial of course)?

Birthday Presents & Favors

You may have sparked an interest in science and nature with some of your guests. Perpetuate their enthusiasm with a book about science or nature.

Pocket Volcano

Party Tips

Make clear to your party professional that this is a day in which science and nature should be as much fun as possible. Then encourage them with suggestions for an interactive and educational program.