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Age characteristics

Children in this age group are comfortable with rules, taking turns, and playing games, so Physical Activity parties such as a Bowling Party, Martial Arts Party, Gymnastics Party are perfect for this age. They are also developing coordination skills and will be excited to put them to use in games geared towards these skills.

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Guest list

Invite schoolmates and friends.  Just remember that some children at this age prefer to only have children of their own sex at their parties so don’t be alarmed if this is the case.

Length of party

1 1/2 - 2 hours


Entertainment for age

At this age, entertainment that involves hands-on activities such as baking/decorating cakes, sand art, or painting are great. Kids feel a sense of accomplishment, especially when they are at a phase in life where they begin to develop and perfect specific individual skills.



Simon Says

Shoe Mix Up

Wheelbarrow Race

I Spy

Hot, Warm, Cold


Safety for age

Make sure to have all the phone numbers of the guests’ parents.


Pool/ Beach Party

Swimming Pool Party Plates

Remind your guests that they will need their swimming trunks!

Studio basics: birthday party invitations, Flip Flop Fling

Birthday Child’s Starring Role

Your child takes the gold as an Olympic Champion swimming through events drenched in fun.

Party Settings

You don’t need a pool in your own backyard to make a splash. You can also contact your local community center or a nearby hotel to reserve the perfect setting for your very own Birthday Olympics.

Mini Metal Sailboats

Party Fun & Games

Set up your pool as the ideal Olympic arena, with an obstacle course constructed from inner tubes, water noodles, and lanes marked with floating buoys or colored tape on the pool floor.

Create a sea of bubbles by giving each child a bubble blower. And these little water Blowfish Squirt fish can be a lot of fun too and a nice favor to take home too.


For little guppies such as younger siblings, you can set up one of these small duck ponds for them to play with.

Duck Pond Inflatable Pool

Party Leader

Consider hiring a lifeguard with experience guiding children through water games. He will be able to lead them through a fun filled pool party as well as keep them safe. As soon as all the guests have arrived, make time for a quick presentation on water and poolside safety.

Party Menu

Use beach towels as the tablecloth. You could also do fried chicken in sandpails and don’t forget the Swedish fish inside your fish bowl. Or if you are feeling extra creative, make some blue jello and throw in some Swedish fish just before it starts to set.


If you serve ice cream, use these colorful ice creambowls for extra colorful fun.

ice cream

Tropical Cutlery

Ice Cream Cone Straw

Party Tunes

It’s that time of year-- Pull out the Beach Boys, as well as luau music or tropical reggae tunes.

Personalized Summertime Cookies

Party Finale

No Summer Olympics would be complete without a Closing Ceremony. Play the national anthem and award each Swim Champion with their very own medal. Arrange beforehand for the local ice cream truck to stop by your party location

Birthday Presents & Favors

Beach towels designed with your child’s favorite colors or characters make ideal gifts. Not only with these towels create some vibrant group photographs, they will also provide a lasting reminder of your child’s special day. And don’t forget to to give your guests some cookie treats for those hungry tummies on their way home.


Party Tips

No one has fun with a sunburn. Make sure to have plenty of kid-friendly, hypoallergenic sunscreen on hand and be certain that every child is equipped to handle those bright rays.

Party Extras

Fun in the Sun Dinner Plates