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Age characteristics

Children in this age group are comfortable with rules, taking turns, and playing games, so Physical Activity parties such as a Bowling Party, Martial Arts Party, Gymnastics Party are perfect for this age. They are also developing coordination skills and will be excited to put them to use in games geared towards these skills.

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Guest list

Invite schoolmates and friends.  Just remember that some children at this age prefer to only have children of their own sex at their parties so don’t be alarmed if this is the case.

Length of party

1 1/2 - 2 hours


Entertainment for age

At this age, entertainment that involves hands-on activities such as baking/decorating cakes, sand art, or painting are great. Kids feel a sense of accomplishment, especially when they are at a phase in life where they begin to develop and perfect specific individual skills.



Simon Says

Shoe Mix Up

Wheelbarrow Race

I Spy

Hot, Warm, Cold


Safety for age

Make sure to have all the phone numbers of the guests’ parents.


Superheroes Party

Superhero Party Pack 

Birthday party invitation, Superhero Calling: Boy

Birthday Child’s Starring Role

Have your child dress up as their favorite super hero and ask guests to come dressed likewise. The Avengers Thor Classic Muscle Chest Kids Costume - 7/8

If they don’t come in costume, hand out some superhero masks.

Party Settings

Make tall buildings out of cardboard boxes to provide a setting for the children to fly though! Set up an obstacle course around the party area so that your little heroes will feel really tough as they climb over and under the obstacles. Use theme colored balloons to add height to the room and make it look more festive.

For younger children and those who don’t want to be as active, give them the greatest pleasure of coloring on the walls by covering a wall with a large piece of paper. Make sure the wall is completely covered, and then have an assortment of superhero crayons for them to color. Draw a cityscape ahead of time so that they can color in the buildings themselves.


Party Fun & Games


As each party guest arrives, present them with their own personalized superhero cape. Divide children into two teams for an Emergency Drill. Have an entertainer or a family member lead the kids through a mini superhero boot camp training to get them into the spirit of the party

Party Leader

Invite your child’s favorite superhero to attend the party. It will get the birthday child and the guests very excited! If you don’t want to pay the hefty price for an experienced entertainer, ask a friend or family member who is energetic and great with kids.

Party Tunes

Kindle your child’s excitement weeks before the party by creating your very own mix of fiery and festive songs.

Birthday Presents & Favors

Each child’s personalized superhero cape will provide hours of pretend play long after the party simmers down. Hand out superhero comic books, and give each child a personalized Drawstring Bag to place all their party items to take home.


Fill it with a few themed items such as these Hero Fans with Candy or let them show off their toughness with their favorite superhero temporary Tattoos.

The Avengers Fan with Candy (1)

The Avengers PEZ Dispenser

The Avengers PEZ Dispenser

Spiderman Party Favor Set

Comic booksof their favorite superheros is another great favor to add to their goody bag.

Party Tips

Every birthday party should be a blast, but take this opportunity to let the children learn about exactly what’s so important about the jobs of your child’s favorite heroes!

Party Extras:

Superhero Fun Birthday Box

Superhero Fun Activity Table Cover