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Age characteristics

Children in this age group are comfortable with rules, taking turns, and playing games, so Physical Activity parties such as a Bowling Party, Martial Arts Party, Gymnastics Party are perfect for this age. They are also developing coordination skills and will be excited to put them to use in games geared towards these skills.

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Guest list

Invite schoolmates and friends.  Just remember that some children at this age prefer to only have children of their own sex at their parties so don’t be alarmed if this is the case.

Length of party

1 1/2 - 2 hours


Entertainment for age

At this age, entertainment that involves hands-on activities such as baking/decorating cakes, sand art, or painting are great. Kids feel a sense of accomplishment, especially when they are at a phase in life where they begin to develop and perfect specific individual skills.



Simon Says

Shoe Mix Up

Wheelbarrow Race

I Spy

Hot, Warm, Cold


Safety for age

Make sure to have all the phone numbers of the guests’ parents.


Valentine’s Day Party

Valentine Party Pack

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for grown ups anymore. Hearts are making an appearance into more children’s birthday parties now a days. Check out this exclusive party excerpt from Linda Kaye’s Party Book.


Sweeten up the invitation by sending along a small heart-shaped box of chocolates.

Party Settings

Invite the partygoers to help ‘decorate’ the room by dressing in pinks and reds. A vase with pink roses will make an elegant centerpiece and the pale pink buds will inspire guests to create their own delicate buttercream blossoms. Scatter red rose petals on the party table for a dreamy accent to the decor, and switch your usual light bulbs to pink ones to cast a rosy glow in the room. For an extra touch of Valentine’s Day charm, use large doilies as placemats and tie napkins with bows made of red licorice strings.

Party Fun & Games

Fill a pastry bag with pink, red and silver foil-wrapped candy kisses [and guess how many are in the bag.]

Valentine’s Day Menu

Think pink and red when planning the menu! Use cookie cutters to make heart shaped sandwiches filled with strawberry cream cheese. A silver bowl filled with fresh strawberries adds that special touch, especially when accompanied by a plate of confectioners sugar for dipping.

[Set up the valentine tables with these personalized placemats. They look beautiful on the table and are a great favor to take home.]

Party Beverage

Mix up a pretty-in-pink punch with ginger ale and strawberry sherbert  [served in Disposable Champagne Glasses] . Adults can sip on pink champagne as they toast the cake creation of their budding chefs.

Party Fun

Let the children select from a trunk filled with pearls , boas , and hats before they sit down to enjoy their special cake. This fanciful dress may even inspire a visit from Prince Charming himself!

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