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We are very excited at Partymakers since we will be featured in a TV Land Segment of the ‘Ultimate Birthday Party’. Linda Kaye will be talking about how to plan the best Children’s Birthday Party and demonstrating a few items from her Bake a Cake Party Book. In the book there are many creative ways to design your own cake to cater to your specific party theme, we decided to feature the Ice Cream Cupcakes and give you the sneak peak on our blog to show you how easy they really are to make!

Linda Kaye’s Partymakers just had a fun filled weekend hosting many children’s Birthday Parties. Here is a highlight of one of the birthday parties, the Race Car Birthday Party for a 3 year old.

This year celebrates the 25th year of my “birthday club”. Membership is just four friends whose birthdays happen to come every 2 months so we all got together five times a year. Over the past 2 years , our schedules and whereabouts have changed so we started to group together birthdays and now have decided just to wait for the BIG ONES.

My father-in-law would have been 100 years old on February 18th. This was a perfect excuse to bring our family together to share our memories and thoughts about Emanuel Kaye. We searched through videos and found the perfect excerpt that characterized his personality.

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