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As we tire of the snow and wish for warmer weather, we all want to welcome Spring. March 20th is officially the first day of spring so why not welcome it with a Spring party? Here is a great idea that one of our partymakers Sara, Owner of Stardust Cakes, came up with for a sweet and colorful Spring celebration.

She started with  brightest tablecloth she had. She bought a couple of colorful chinese food boxes and colorful pails from the dollar store. She pulled out all her glassware- you don’t need fancy items to make great decor.

She grabbed colorful twizzlers and drooped them from the glasses and pails. For the glassware, she bought some fake grass and filled them with it. She also used paper butterflies to give the spring feel that we all look for in Easter.

No guest went home empty handed either. She bought extra pails and filled them with a variety of candy.

She also found some egg shaped candles and arranged them with pastel colored jelly beans.

It’s very easy to create a party ambiance with what you have at home. Don’t take for granted all the miss matched porcelain or glassware you may have lurking in the back of your cupboard, it just may help you pull together the most creative party!

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