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The weather is getting nicer and Birthday Parties are popping up everywhere!

This month we threw a one-of-a-kind party at one of our signature locations, the New York City Police Museum. A very lucky 4 year old boy decked himself out in police gear, to solve the mysteries of CSI at the NYC Police Museum.


The party started out in the Junior Discovery Zone where the guests played in Police Cars, pushing siren buttons, sliding down mini buildings, getting very fun caricature portraits, and much, much more!


They were visited by a very special superhero guest who taught them superhero tricks, ran agility tests, and taught them all about being a great Crime Scene Investigator. They even created their own personalized hats to wear on their first mission ever.


The troop’s first mission was to find McGruff the crime detective dog who had gone missing.

The troops searched up and down and all around the museum until they finally found McGruff sleeping in a solitary jail cell. How happy he was to be rescued by a troop of smiling little ones.


After their mission, the troops sat down to a much well deserved brunch of pancakes and French toast; and of course, Birthday Cake!


What a fabulous party to remember!


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