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 Planning your child’s birthday party is always a fun and exciting experience (albeit a little stressful)! We always find ourselves wanting to live vicariously through the kids when they dress up as Rapunzel or break open the Piñata. For today’s post, we thought it would be fun to give you some fun ideas for party food that will make you dig in as well!

Fun Party Snacks!

We spent days scouring Pinterest (our latest obsession), to find the best possible ideas and now have a final list of the very best sweet and savory party snacks! Check out our Fun Kid Food for Parties Board on Pinterest for more ideas.

Ps click on the links below to take you to photos and recipes on Pinterest (you don’t need an account to browse).


1)  Tie-dye Mini Cupcakes – These are cute, easy to make and small (which means a controlled sugar rush!)

Tie-dyed mini cupcakes

  2)  Ice Cream Cone Cakes – Watch them ooh and ahh at this different and unique sweet treat.

Ice Cream Cone Cakes

  3)  Piñata Cookies – Fun (but a little tricky) to make but so worth it, these double layer cookies are bursting with treats inside!

Pinata Cookies

  4)  Fishy Jello Squares - Super super easy to make, simply make blue jell-o and top with Swedish Fish for this wobbly crowd pleaser.

Fishy Jelly

  5)  Mickey Mouse Sandwich Bar - Simply get a Mickey cookie cutter (you can find one online) and make Mickey shaped bread, cheese and ham, add giant tomatoes and pickles and your ready to go!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sandwich bar

  6)  Cake Batter Muddy Buddies - Easy, delicious and addictive! Get Almond Bark at Wal-mart or Target or use Candy Melts found at Michaels or any bake shop.

Cake Batter Muddy Buddies

  7)  Halloween Decorated Strawberries - Our lucky number seven, and final favorite are healthy but crazy creative chocolate covered strawberries! Just use store bought icing (or candy melts for the more adventurous) and food coloring for daring decorations.

Halloween Strawberries


Happy baking and cooking, and contact us at or 917-751-5116, if you need us to provide you with fun food for your party!

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