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Our readers really liked last month’s cake idea! It’s great to see that our readers are taking our ideas not only for their birthday parties but for weddings as well!

Here is a submission from a bride who took bad cake matters into her own hands. Here is Sara’s Story:

‘I had my wedding reception with my family in Portugal and ordered a cake for the celebration.  I knew the cake designers there weren’t too great so I decided to order a simpler cake, thinking they would probably do a better job with something simple rather than something more intricate. I was getting ready for the party and my parents went to pick up the wedding cake. When they arrived my mother had this grim look on her face. She said “You are not going to be happy.” She was right, it was the ugliest cake I had ever seen in my life! It looked like this:

After stressing out about it for a while I decided to do what I had read on the Partymakers website about decorating a cake with edible ink markers. I grabbed some green ribbon and fake flowers to hide the bad edges and asked the guests to write messages on the cake. The looks on their faces were at first incredulous but then everyone smiled as they spilled their hearts on the cake with beautiful messages, signatures and well wishes. It was the perfect cake! it turned out beautiful.

I had to stare at it for a long time to read the messages before cutting it.’

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