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With Halloween just around the corner, everyone is rushing to find something fun and inventive to do for this year’s monster mash. If you have a birthday party to plan that’s around Halloween, why not make it a Halloween themed birthday? You’ll save on the extra decoration! We’ve gathered a few tips which can help you make this year’s party as horrific as ever!

  • Encourage your guests to set the mood by asking them to come in costume. We have a great deal for you at Costume Express,  Save 10% at

    • Set the scene with some spooky tunes. Go online to find free Halloween music stations.
    • Hang up some sheer pieces of fabric or lace around the house to make it look ghostly and mysterious. Lay any broken furniture you have around the house, might as well make one last use of it!
    • Carve ‘Enter at your own risk’ on an old piece of wood and place it by the door.
    • Buy some green or red light bulbs and switch them out for your energy efficient CFLs. Don’t worry, your electric bill won’t go up too much for those few hours!
    • Have fun with your menu. Make spaghetti with tomato sauce and call it maggots, peel some grapes and call them eyes of toad, make chocolate cupcakes and call them dirt pots, buy some pretzel sticks and call them petrified worms. Buy some mini cauldrons and use them as serving bowls and use apothecary jars or colorful glass bottles to serve beverages. Serve wine for adults or a red colored beverage for children and call it blood. Or how about some chocolate cake logs and calling them coffins?
    • Buy great personalized decorations like these at
    • Invite a Magician to oooh and aah the guests as they mingle.
    • Mix up a cauldron of bubbling witches brew made from orange soda and lime green sherbet.
    • Freeze some water in a plastic glove and place it in your drink bowl for a ‘touch’ of horror.
    • To entertain younger children, create a Halloween story using each child’s costume character as the main focus. Have them act it out and record it so that they can all watch it later while eating their meal.
    • Host a costume fashion show, have your guests pose and take digital photos of them!
    • For a more mature audience, host a pumpkin carving party. Have pumpkins and carving tools ready for your guests and challenge them to make their best art work on their very own Jack-o-lantern. Have a lighting ceremony at the end and display all the pumpkins for all to see. You can even vote for the best, funniest, scariest, etc.
    • Pumpkin Carving Tips :
      Make sure your  pumpkin is very well cleaned out, the better job you do with cleaning, the longer the pumpkin will last without rotting! If you are shy of drawing your pumpkin’s face free hand, have a print out of your design, tape it to the pumpkin and using a sharp knife or thick cake testing tool, poke holes as if creating a dotted line. This will make it easier to cut once you remove the piece of paper since you will already have an outline. You can chose to illuminate your pumpkin the old fashioned way (which we don’t recommend for open fire safety reasons) or you can string some Christmas lights inside your pumpkin. Not only will this make them safely lit for hours, but you can also have a different color shade for each one! If you are stringing Christmas lights through your pumpkin, poke a small whole at the bottom so that your strings aren’t visible.
    • Have your guests decorate a cake such as the cake from Linda Kaye’s Party Book.
    • Place a pair of eyes on all mirrors of the house so that your guests can feel the constant watching presence.
    • Want hanging pumpkins but they just seem too heavy? Grab a few orange colored paper lanterns, add a nice green leafy top and string them together for hanging pumpkin lights.
    • Forgot to buy those fake spiderwebs? No worry, grab some cotton balls and using a fork, shred them apart, you’ll be surprised how long of a web you can shred out of one single ball!

    Grab some more great ideas on our Pinterest page here.

    Partymakers wishes you all a Spooky Halloween and great party planning! Don’t forget to share your parties and ideas with us! Submit them to

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