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This year celebrates the 25th year of my “birthday club”. Membership is just four friends whose birthdays happen to come every 2 months so we all got together five times a year. Over the past 2 years , our schedules and whereabouts have changed so we started to group together birthdays and now have decided just to wait for the BIG ONES.

My college friend Maddy was celebrating a BIG ONE this past Saturday and it was impossible to find a date close to the birthday to get together. The technology of a group conference call made it possible for us all to get together to surprise Maddy the morning of her birthday . It was so easy, required no technical skill. I just went online and searched for conference calls. I came upon the website I signed up by calling 888-218-5287 (and actually got a live person!) and set up the time that would work for everyone. We all called into a specified number, as well as my friend’s fiancé Paul who did the call in for Maddy. She was called to the phone and while we did not have a physical gathering, we all had a chance to catch up and celebrate her day together. All for $8!! What a bargain!

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