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We just had a fabulous weekend filled with 1st birthday fun!

First we took a tour of Paris, and then a whimsical ride down Dr Seuss Lane.

This past Saturday we planned a fabulous Marie Antoinette inspired 1st birthday party in Southampton, NY for 48 children and 65 adults.  It was quite a feat, but the party was beautiful.  We didn’t go to Versailles, but we transformed the birthday girl’s backyard into a mini party oasis.


We just planned this fabulous party at the New York Fire Museum last week. It was a spectacular party and all 30 kids had  a blast!


We continue to love your ideas that you share with us of your successful parties, here is another party by our Partymaker and Pastry Chef Sara Pereira for her birthday! This just goes to show you don’t have to be a child to have a fabulous birthday party! Here is her story:


This was a very special week-end, I attended the 9th birthday celebration of my granddaughter Chloe. It was a Hawaiian party theme, and her love for party planning came out with so many of the special touches and details she added to the evening.  And what a bold undertaking that was! She invited 12 of her girlfriends for dinner and a sleep over complete with  Hawaiian entertainment.  She planned many activities to keep her guests busy all night long.