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On a chilly winter day last weekend we transformed a school dining hall into a rolling, rattling, carefree Carnival birthday party!! As the guests ditched their winter gear for carnival wrist bands, a brightly suited stilt walker welcomed everyone with a swirl of rainbow ribbon, revealing a room filled with vibrant colors and activities!


This week, we brought the jungle right into a birthday boy’s home! As a spin on our classic Safari party, we customized this birthday bash for a 5-year-old aspiring zoologist by adding a dose of the exotic, bringing a traveling animal show right into the host family’s apartment.

This past weekend we just threw a one of a kind party for a very lucky 3 year old boy! We took our safari party and put a very live spin on it, we brought real animals into our Birthday Room and the children learned, touched, and fed a wide assortment of exotic animals!


We’ve just seen a great party idea for a Kitten’s birthday that we wanted to share with you! We all love our pets and some times a day dedicated just to them is acceptable, especially if it’s just once a year! Take a look at this party from one of our Bakers, it has great ideas for Safari Party, not just for your pets, but children to!