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Abracadabra! It’s a magic party—a timeless classic that never goes out of style. Our 6 year old birthday boy was a huge fan, so it was only right that we throw him the most magical birthday party.

In the spirit of awards season, it seemed fitting to do a party in full Hollywood style. Our fashionable client was turning 8 and wanted a birthday fit for a superstar.

Our birthday boy was celebrating his 5th year, and after telling us of his love of animals, magic, and more—we had just the right venue to celebrate in high-flying style. Our Big Apple Circus-themed party is the quintessential way to celebrate your birthday at any age, and our client was in for a treat! The Big Apple Circus is only in town from October to January, so it was an exclusive opportunity that just couldn’t be missed.

When you wish upon a star as a 5 year old, our recent Disney Princess-themed party is what you imagine. Our birthday girl was a major Disney fan, so we wanted to make sure everything was fit for a princess.

A 7 year old girl wanted to celebrate her birthday like a Hollywood star. Linda Kaye’s Partymakers created a Hollywood premier party for her and her friends.

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