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Valentine’s Day isn’t far away and you’ve probably started thinking about that annual Velentine’s day Soiree, or your child’s Valentine themed party!

Linda Kaye’s Partymakers has put together a few great ideas to make your Valentine’s a success.

Tea Party with the Queen of Hearts

Who better to lead your high tea party than a queen herself? We’ve invited the Queen of Hearts to join us this Valentine season and lead our Valentines high tea party. Indulge in mini tea sandwiches and sweet delicacies, while learning etiquette and partaking in fun activities such as decorating your own high tea hat.

For extra special and sweet fun, add cupcake decorating or chocolate making to your party.

If you thought Pokemon was long gone, think again! We did!
We were recently asked to bring back this blast-from-the-past to a 5-year-old’s birthday party! And what a fabulous party it was!

With Halloween just around the corner, everyone is rushing to find something fun and inventive to do for this year’s monster mash. If you have a birthday party to plan that’s around Halloween, why not make it a Halloween themed birthday? You’ll save on the extra decoration! We’ve gathered a few tips which can help you make this year’s party as horrific as ever!

 Planning your child’s birthday party is always a fun and exciting experience (albeit a little stressful)! We always find ourselves wanting to live vicariously through the kids when they dress up as Rapunzel or break open the Piñata. For today’s post, we thought it would be fun to give you some fun ideas for party food that will make you dig in as well!

Fun Party Snacks!

As many of you know, yesterday we held our Father’s Day Cake Decorating event. We had a group of families come and decorate a cake for a very special someone in their lives, Dad!
Our professional Pastry Chef Sara Pereira  taught children and their families how to decorate this DAD cake from Linda Kaye’s Partybook in just 1 hour!

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