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This party was a clever combination of Ninja Worriors and Lego, or as some would know it Ninjago! Partymakers collaborated with a very creative mom to create this fabulous party for her son’s 5th birthday!

Dive in and take a peek at our most stellar intergalactic adventure!! A fabulous Star Wars party that will blow your socks off!
A lucky little boy turned 6 this month and his party theme was Star Wars. Linda Kaye’s Partymakers brought in all sorts of fun entertainment!

If you thought Pokemon was long gone, think again! We did!
We were recently asked to bring back this blast-from-the-past to a 5-year-old’s birthday party! And what a fabulous party it was!

As many of you know, yesterday we held our Father’s Day Cake Decorating event. We had a group of families come and decorate a cake for a very special someone in their lives, Dad!
Our professional Pastry Chef Sara Pereira  taught children and their families how to decorate this DAD cake from Linda Kaye’s Partybook in just 1 hour!

We just had a fabulous weekend filled with 1st birthday fun!

First we took a tour of Paris, and then a whimsical ride down Dr Seuss Lane.

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